IoT Protolab

The IoT Protolab is modern open electronics laboratory where innovative people can come together to exchange and explore new ideas, technologies and inventions.

Our laboratory is equipped with a variety of tools, instruments and talented members that can help you realize your ideas faster, cheaper and better.

Our current focus area is rapid prototyping of applications related to IoT and wireless technology.

The laboratory is open to students and employees from NTNU, members of FAKTRY and other interested parties.

If you or your organization is interested in getting access to the laboratory, feel free to contact us today.


The laboratory has 8 workstations that are equipped with both standard and specialized equipment for different types of electronics work.

The laboratory is an ESD protected area.


3D Printers

The laboratory has a variety of 3D printers and 3D printer materials available, including a Big-60 from Modix that is capable of printing large models.

Big-60 from Modix

Antenna Testing

The laboratory is equipped with a comprehensive list of tools and instruments that are useful when working with RF application, including a vector network analyzer, a spectrum analyzer an RF power meeter and an RF chamber.

In addition to this, the laboratory is equipped with an RFxpert antenna tester from EMSCAN that is able to test and characterize your antenna design in seconds, without the need for an anechoic chamber.

Antenna tester


The laboratory is equipped with a semi-automatic pick and place machine from Fritsch that is ideal for assembling prototypes and small series production.

The laboratory is also equipped with a trinocular microscope that can be used for manual inspection and assembly.

Pick and place machine


In collaboration with Arrow the laboratory has been equipped with a large selection of electronics components, in addition to a variety of development kits and modules.


EMI/EMC analysis

The laboratory is equipped with an EMX real-time EMC and EMI diagnostic tool from EMSCAN.

This tool drastically reduces the complexity of diagnosing EMC and EMI problems in your electronics design.

EMC/EMI scanner

Power Analysis

The laboratory is equipped with a variety of instruments and tools that can help you analyze and debug power consumption in your application, including an N6715C reference power analyzer from Keysight and an OTII Arch energy optimization unit from QOITECH.

Reference power analyzer

Printed Circuit Boards

The laboratory is equipped with a Voltera V-One that is capable of printing basic two-sided PCBs.

PCB printer


In addition to basic soldering equipment and rework stations, the laboratory is equipped with a reflow oven and an IR soldering and rework station capable of soldering BGA circuits including performing reballing.

IR rework station